On October 29th, when the flood waters from Hurricane Sandy rushed through New York City, business owners as well as home owners suffered extreme losses. Victor Leon, the silk screen printer who prints all my pillows and bandannas, is one of those business owners.


Victor started his own T-shirt printing business Metroprint in 2002.  Six months ago he moved to a 1st floor space in Red Hook.  When the storm surge flooded his factory, he lost 75,000 dollars worth of equipment.  Victor employs six people who were out of paying work for three weeks after the storm hit.

In spite of all these challenges, with incredible resourcefulness, Victor and his workers have rebuilt printing machinery, and found ways to work with makeshift equipment. They are working at a much slower pace than normal, but they are working. What they need most right now is a steady flow of business.



Victor has printed many projects for me since he started his business, so I can say from experience that his screen printing is second to none.  Contact him here if you need T-shirts or bags printed.  Also, for the next three months, I am donating 90% of all profits from my New York City themed pillows and bandannas to help Victor rebuild his business. Your purchase from my etsy store will go directly towards much needed supplies and machinery, and to assuring he is able to provide steady work for his employees.